Thursday, July 8, 2010

Portage Point, so nice, so nice.

The water is refreshing, the sky is always brilliant and the sand is the cleanest and whitest that I have ever seen.

I have been going to this place ever since I can remember and it just gets prettier and prettier every time that I get out there. The water is almost always cold, so swimming is usually for the thick skinned, which I was blessed with.

We got the chance to swim here quite a few times this break, which is great as we usually do not get so many opportunities.

The night of the 4th we went swimming and the waves were incredible. Unfortunately it was too dark to get any good shots. The swimming was great, it reminded me of being a kid again, splashing and diving into each crest, only to emerge in mid air above the following trough.

I did, however, go out the next day and grab these:

I am so glad that places like this exist. Thank you God.

Lake Michigan and all of the beaches on the West Side of Michigan are Pure Michigan to me.

And as always:

Totally Salt Free!! (oh yeah and no oil either)



Ash, The Movie Geek said...

Looks like a really nice beach.
How's the sand?
Soft and smooth or grainy like it is here? ;)

miadventure said...

the sand is sooo smooth, it squeaks when you scuff your feet. It is awesome!

Ash, The Movie Geek said...

I much prefer beaches here to Florida except for the sand.
Maybe I'll check that place out.

Bo Bradly said...

John...what a great blog...I continue to miss Lake Michigan like is such a wonderful place (as your pictures remind).......

susan Ferranti said...

I love to go to lake Michigan!!!!! live in gaylord and i tell you what the water there is so nice and the sand is the best

miadventure said...

Susan, Lake Michigan Rocks, that is for sure! Thanks for reading my blog! Hope you enjoyed!