Friday, September 3, 2010

A day for thoughts

I feel a list coming on, as there are many things floating in my head at present:


1. Beautiful beaches as only Northern Michigan can do.

2. Using yardsale money to buy this beautiful thing:

Oh the photos I will be able to take with this little gem. It is waterproof, so look out for some super cool hull shots from the kayak, as well as dive shots, rainy wanderings, waves, and a whole slew of other off the wall, never before available things!!!

3. Impressions:

We make so many of them, make sure that yours are an accurate representation of who you are.

4. LOVE:


5. Climbing trees, it is not just for kids... well maybe the kids at heart.
 Photo: C. Bromley
6. Trying new things.
Like this jacket, it is sweet, it is new, I love it. Gotta get some more new things and try them out.

7. That special someone:
she builds me castles during golden hour, I love her.

8. Water.

One of nature's most powerful, pure and perfect forces. It gives life and also makes lives better. No band around can match the sounds of waves crashing on the beach, rain falling on a porch roof or the babble of a river over a jam.

This is my mind on this perfectly cloudy, rainy, windy day. Happy windsday roo!



Ash, The Movie Geek said...

That peephole effect is amazing!

miadventure said...

the credit belongs to Chelsea! She is the camerawoman.

Anonymous said...

I loooooved this entry!!! Thanks!!