Sunday, September 12, 2010

New things my friends

While on the recent Old Baldy trip I got a chance to test out the new Eddie Bauer Shell (the orange one that you see in the post prior to this one). I will be putting an initial review up around the end of the month.

In other exciting news:

Me and my homeboy Timmy are taking a trip to Maine in a few weeks to see what we can see. It should be quite the adventure. Super Bummed that C. Bromley cannot make it though because she is learning how to be an even better photographer. I guess I'll just have to take her later!

And even more exciting news:
I purchased this mack-daddy as a birthday present to yours truly a few days ago. I will be getting it on my birthday! Woohoo!

Still tying flies, working on scud and nymph patterns as I have read they are universal and catch great fish.

Tight lines, clear shots and hardpacked trails to you all,


Paolo said...

Excited to see your shell review when it posts.

Paolo at Eddie Bauer

miadventure said...


Thank you for your interest. If you look at some of my older posts I have reviews of Eddie Bauer equipment; love it all.

The review should be up in a few days.

Also I will be taking it with a bit of other EB equip on a trip to New England in the beginning of October to test it all out.

Hope you keep reading, if you follow me it will help you see when I review other Eddie Bauer gear.

Is Eddie Bauer looking for product testers?