Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FrontPoint By Eddie Bauer

Looking for a great lightweight shell to see you through the coming cool, wet, weather of the fall, Winter and possibly Spring?

Might I suggest the FrontPoint Jacket by Eddie Bauer.

I purchased this bright orange edition (the bright orange is no longer available, so I am one of the lucky ones) a few weeks ago when the weather was hot and humid thinking that I would not be able to wear it for a month or two. However over the past weekend i decided to bust it out on our short trip out to Old Baldy.

The winds were quite harsh at 30 mph, straight off the lake, and the temps were dropping. Needless to say I was very happy to have this shell to stave off the unseasonable chilly winds.

Even with a backpack on the pockets were very accessible. I especially like the interior chest pocket with its soft lining, perfect for a cell phone or handheld GPS unit. Another major point that I like about the pockets on this jacket is that the side pockets open by pulling down, a more natural motion when attempting to open them with cold, wet or gloved hands.

Hopping to it to see how durable the FrontPoint really is.
(It stuck the landing!)

The shoulders and arms of the FrontPoint are made of a very thin, high wear, waterproof material with reinforced seams everywhere, not just in wear zones. One really cool thing about the construction of this jacket is that the chest and back are made of stretchy, breathable material that is supposedly highly water resistant. This allows you to move around freely without getting the "tent effect" that most shells give by not allowing airflow.

The stretchable material helps you get into any position with comfort.

Overall after my first short trip out I am pretty happy with my purchase. I also purchased a Point Success midlayer jacket with this shell. I will be reviewing that shortly.

This shot is a little blurry, but it conveys that this jacket can really stand up to the elements.
Taking on "gale force" winds of Lake Michigan

Bottom line: so far, I would buy this jacket again.

If you would like to know some of the guidelines to selecting your own shell check out:

It will be worth your time!


In other news,

  • the trip to Maine is still green-lighted. Pretty excited.
  • Mom called and confirmed that the new camera (ie, bday present to myself) is at my house.
  • Chelsea Marie is still as hot as ever.
  • work is going well.
  • received new danvise fly-tying rotary vise from Timster as bday gift. 
  • Life is good.
  • Leinenkugel's fall sampler is out, time to sample.
  • fall is approaching.
***All photos contained in this individual blog entry were taken/ edited by C. Bromley check her stuff out***

Just bought this bag for school. Gonna give it the once over and then let you know about it. You know, like I do!

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