Saturday, September 25, 2010

One week and counting, plus a cool tidbit!

Dear followers,

the time is coming when I will be shoving off for about 10 days to pursue adventures of New England and I am very excited.

Mostly I am excited for Acadia:

I took out my new Stylus Tough 8010 today in some pretty harsh conditions: temp 55f, winds 20mph+, Lake Michigan Spray: 5-6' above pier.

As is the case most of the fall, the lake offers a beautiful, moody backdrop to any shot.

It was very cool.

That pic above was taken after I was drenched by a large wave. All it took was a quick wipe down of the lens cover and the Stylus was ready to continue shooting. I have not gotten much use out of it yet, but I can already see this becoming a go to piece of gear for me! It also came with some cool "ib" software program that I am excited to learn how to use.

In other news it is nearly my birthday. The best present that you all could give to me is to continue reading my blog, commenting, following it and telling your friends. Whenever you see something interesting or fun or informative just link it to your Facebook or Twitter. Every little bit helps. Thank you all very much.

While out east I will have very limited connectivity, however The Timster and I will be making daily stops at coffee shops and McDonald's in order to post news of our travels!

Cool Tidbit: Random Stream was recently featured on for our review of their shell! I would like to thank them for recognizing RSOC, and encourage them to keep up the good work. Glad to see them pairing up with Moosejaw too!

You will be seeing this flag all over the place in New England representin like what what!

Well well well, the time has come to fuel the beast inside with some of Gram's Ham! Family Birthday dinner is nearing. Take care. Fishing in the morning. Hopefully tomorrow night I will have some shots of steelies and salmon for you, as pier fishing was too blustery today to amount to much.


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