Tuesday, September 28, 2010

(an early morning, scatterbrain post ) Random Stream of Consciousness Has a Birthday!

Dear followers,

today is birthday, day. A day to celebrate everything! A day of presents, love, pats on the back and recognition for one who has outplayed death one more time. However if you are RSOC, it is a day to go buy GEAR!!!! woo hooo!

Birthdays also mean money from people who would like you to get something that you really want. What do I really want you ask; stuff sacks, possibly a machete, sleeping bag stuff sack and a few other campy/outdoors-sy things.

So it is my birthday, I have the day off, and I will be taking myself shopping this morning.

This is ms. pepper, she is a new addition to the family.

Oh right right right, there was one other thing that I might buy; a book on wild edibles. I would like to start harvesting wild mushrooms when I can and a book would really help me out there.

I am impressed by a few things with the new Stylus Tough, but none really as much as the LED supermacro feature.

It appears to give you close-ups like with a light that makes it look like you really had to work hard to get it. I am going to try it out on bugs in poorly lit areas.

We went home this weekend. Did not catch any fish, but had a good time.

Mom taught the lovely C. Bromley how to make applesauce. Cool pics of a farm coming soon to her website, check em out!

Still really liking this thing, and its under-layer. It will definitely be making the trip to Maine with me.

23 years.... hmm, does a quarter life crisis exist? 

I recently got a really cool first ascent decal and stuck it on a powder blue Klean Kanteet, it looks really good. pics coming soon.

Pepper is breathing really heavy. It is almost like a purr-snore, how cute.

I think I may mini-adventure today, or maybe urban adventure!

I hope you all have a splendid day. (higher quality posts coming soon, like when I am really awake, or when I actually get out and do something!)



Sharkbytes said...

J- Happy day. I approve all of your possible purchases, trips to Maine, and Mrs. Pepper!

Ash, The Movie Geek said...

Ms. Pepper is adorable.

Hope your birthday was great.

miadventure said...

Well thank you sharky! I did in fact buy a sleeping bag stuff sack, however there were no other sacks around. Making a trip to REI tomorrow. Need to get a few other things. Hope you are enjoying beautiful northern Michigan!

Ash, it was very fun, chelsea got me a kindle! It gets here today. Ms. pepper is adorable, but a handful at the same time.

Thank you for reading! don't forget that I leave saturday, and that is when the posts will start to fly! like one or two a day! Gosh I hope I don't fall off a cliff!