Thursday, May 5, 2011

Adventures in cyclo-commuting Day 1

Due to rising fuel prices, various environmental issues and a concern for my health I have decided to begin biking to school and on other random errands around town.

I have a minor arsenal: a mountain bike and a road bike.

The mountain bike I have had for about a year, however the road bike I recently acquired from craigslist.

I took the road bike out yesterday for my first real road ride, about 14 miles. It was such a welcomed feeling, moving through and amongst traffic with greater agility and speed than a mountain bike.

Today I took the roadster to school on day one of cyclo-commuting, however, just as I rounded the corner to the school my rear tire popped and I was forced to walk the final few hundred yards; MAJOR BUMMER. Thank gosh for REI, they hooked me up with a new tube and threw it on in a jiff! (Some day I will learn the mechanics of biking, however, now I am focusing on learning the intricacies of contract and tort law!)

So tomorrow, be ready roads, because here I come!

(pics of the bikes coming tomorrow)

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