Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A FiveFingers Competitor?

Below is the Skeletoe by FILA. At first glance they look like a decent competitor to the FiveFingers by Vibram, however when I looked a little closer I realized that the pinky and ring toes share a pouch, odd? I thought so too. 

I was considering these, however after talking to a guy who worked at the store (who owned a pair of each) I am inclined to hold off for the Vibram model, if not for anything else, for the ventilation factor.

With the approach of warmer weather I have been thinking quite a bit about the FF's, and I have to say, as far as versatility is an issue, they may not be my best choice.

On a recent trip to REI I fell in love with the Merrell Trail Glove, a minimalist hiker with a Vibram footbed. Breathability, able to wear in water, minimalist nature, regular shoe shape so no danger of getting the little pig toes caught in anything!

(This is a new thought for me, what about getting your gloved toes caught in things. You already have to worry about you 10 fingers getting caught... wear the FF's and now you have doubled your chances of getting a digit stuck in something, yikes!)

Here is the Trail Glove, pretty cool. Just a thought.

I hope all is well in your world today,


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