Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Adventures in cyclo-commuting

Tally up another day to biking wherever I need to go!

I rode to the post office school with increasing time today. It is great to feel progress and also to see the time difference. I use my watch timer to clock myself; getting faster every time.

It has been about three weeks of on and off biking to school and town and I have to say I really like it. Even though the trip is not far, just about nine miles round-trip (I know, my math in the previous post is waaay off!) but it gets my body caught up to the progress that my mind has made for the day and it kind of amps me up for class: definitely not a bad thing.

The time has come for me to show you a few highlights from my favorite way to school, enjoy:

My favorite highway overpass.

The entrance into a rather nice residential neighborhood.

A quick short-cut through the woods.

On the next trip I hope to leave a little earlier so that I can give you a more comprehensive pictorial of the trip.


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