Sunday, May 29, 2011

Adventures in cyclo-commuting: A good start to the long weekend

A busy boy I have been. 

Yesterday I biked a total of 24 miles to and around town doing various chores and running errands. It feels great to displace the car as much as possible. 

The 24 miles, all of which would have been city driving, amounts to about one gallon of gas that I did not burn. According to a few different websites one gallon of spent gasoline yields 20 pounds of pollution released into the atmosphere. So a rough estimate is that for ever 18-24 miles that I bike I will be keeping about 20 pounds of pollution materials out of the environment. This makes me smile. 

Time to keep on keeping on. 

Today I am going to look at a hard-tail bike (more of a commuter style) to replace the rear suspension model that I am currently using. The benefits you ask? Well to name a few: better ratio of exertion to speed/ distance (this bike will result in better efficiency in pedaling), the ability to put on a rack and panniers (to save my back from having to carry the heavy load of school books, and also afford me the ability to pick up books from the library or groceries from the store on my way home from class) and also this bike is equipped with a surefire gear changing system so no random gear changes while hill climbing which also means no fear of random castration from those random gear shifts!

Take care all!


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Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I like your plan. I haven't been on my bike yet this year- hoping for this weekend.