Sunday, May 22, 2011

Adventures in cyclo-commuting: A weekend's worth

Car-less as much as I can, that is the goal.

Over the past two weeks I have commuted by bike 7 times. So 50% isn't too bad, for now.

Last week was a little hectic because I had some house sitting to do after class, on the other side of town. so needless to say last week there was not as much biking as I would have liked.

This weekend however, has been a success so far. Friday after class I took a pretty decent bike tour around the city and through the Arboretum (oops, didn't see the signs!) as well as a few other parks. It was a good time.

On Saturday I took the Border2Border Trail from our apartment into downtown Ann Arbor. It is a nice paved path that runs East to West through Wastenaw. I was surprised the the trip could  be made to Chelsea's place of employ in 25 minutes, actually much faster than by car, and mildly effortless save for one hill.

I look forward to my next excuse to ride into town!

In other news: I am still looking for something suitable to mount a rack and panniers on. But that can wait.


Car-free: 31.6 miles

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