Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pictures of Osprey Momentum 26

I have been receiving many requests for more pictures of the Osprey Momentum 26.

So readers I have not let your pleas fall on blind eyes. This morning I have taken a few pics of me with the bag loaded and on my back. I will also include some interior pics of my daily load (the weight of the daily load is about 24.6 pounds, and it does not feel like that much.)

Hopefully these clear up any questions that you all have had, and if they do not just let me know and I will take some more.

Loaded up like the medium-sized champ that it is!

The bag is comfortable when worn mid-back as well as when it is strung up higher on the shoulders. (I am 5'7" for a size reference)

A profile shot.

Contents: 1 property law book, 1 legal pad, some loose papers, 1 hp 13.1" laptop, charger, water bottle, lock/cable, and writing implements

If you would like some other angle or aspect showcased with this bag please let me know, I will try my hardest to get it for you.

In other news: I have ordered part of my new rig: the Topeak DXP trunk with expandable panniers! I am pretty pumped up about this. After I pick up my new bike (Schwinn Trailway) expect to see pictures of the entire set-up followed by some preliminary reviews, thoughts and then some full on reviews and follow-ups.

Happy Winds-day Eyeore!


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Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Looks like it packs well. I made it through grad school with a Jansport something. It had a leather bottom and held up to all the books well.