Monday, June 6, 2011

My Time Unplugged.

Currently I am a law student, so I spend a lot of time reading books, online articles and listening to pod-casted lectures.

What I do not get is much time where I am without some sort of information in front of me that I have to cram into my head.

This is one of the reasons that I really cherish my daily bike commute. I refrain from listening to music or answering texts or phone calls and just unplug for 20 minutes. Sometimes this is just what I need in order to not become over-saturated with substantive laws, procedural issues and "reasonableness" issues that I find myself knee deep in on a daily basis. 

If you find yourself overwhelmed with your day to day drudge try getting away from it all, even if only for a half hour. Get on your bike, or just put on some shoes, and get to where you need to go in a simpler way, your head will clear up and your moral will improve greatly.



Sharkbytes (TM) said...

A very inviting picture even without leaves. I just want to follow any trails like that.

miadventure said...

For sure, you know where that is?