Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Topeak Model DXP Trunkbag Review

Face it; biking to work, school or running errands straight up rocks! But you know what does not, arriving at your destination with a soggy spot on your back from a poorly ventilated backpack.

Wearing a loaded backpack also tends to cause a lot of unneeded stress on my lower back. This is where I started the search for an alternative to carrying my stuff on my back. The one that most suited my needs was a type of pannier system. After a solid month of internet searches, and posting questions on forum walls I chose a model by Topeak: the DXP Trunkbag.

This heavy duty constructed bag has two side zippers that open to unveil panniers on each side, a true bonus for when you are out and find yourself picking up more than you planned, or when you just need to bring a lot of stuff to wherever you are going.

The capacity is 22.6 liters. This size has proven to be more than enough for me, even on days when I am hauling my laptop, power cord, coffee, school book, pad of paper and a snack. In fact, with such a load I can still make my way to the library and pick up a few of my reserved items as well. The size is great.

See how easily the shoulder strap can be put so that it does not have to be removed

As mentioned earlier it is a bummer carrying a large load on your back, and you are often limited to how much you can carry based on the weight. Never fear with this item, the only limiting factor to how much it can carry is the rack strength!

Attaching the DXP to a rack is so easy and convenient that anyone could do it without worrying about the ability of your lashing skills:
The attached rail on the bottom of the bag simply slides into the corresponding slot on the Topeak rack, and;

Then clips securely into place, making attachment pretty worry free.

I have been using this combo for three solid weeks of daily commuting and I have yet to notice any wobble at all. Once you clip this in it is there to stay, what a great idea.

The bag comes with a shoulder strap (which I leave attached to the unit for ease of use) as well as a movable internal dividing wall (mine is placed in the left of the image). The divider is great to keep items from moving around inside the bag. 

I bought the additional rain cover, which I have not had to use yet, but when I do I will update this.

The DXP on my Schwinn Trailway Commuter

I have nothing bad to say about this unit as of three weeks in. I am very happy with my purchase. Some reviewers say that they hit their feet on the panniers when they are extended, but I have not had this problem yet, if you have such a problem there is a good chance that a slight adjustment in the position of the the rack will remedy the situation.

Before using this system I used the Osprey Momentum backpack, but my load for school was getting heavier and heavier, I sweat too much and there was no room to pick anything extra after class. This trunk/ pannier set-up is definitely the way to go, now I can take supplier for class, extras to study and still have room for after/ pre class errands.

If you have any questions please ask, I will happily answer them as quick as I can.

Burn carbs not oil!


qtisme said...

Is your laptop safe in the fold-out panniers? They seem a little thin and not tightly secured. My worry is the computer being stable and not rattling around during the ride. How do you find it?

miadventure said...

This was a large point of contention for me. They are thin but very strong. I use a padded laptop sleeve and it works just fine.

As for them being not secured: you cannot see it but they do attach to the rack via a cord which holds them very securely. I have put over 500 miles on them with the computer and it is works great.

Thank you for reading!

Ask any questions that you may have.


Anonymous said...


I am also interested in using one of the panniers for my laptop. Unfortunately I have a larger laptop and it just barely doesn't fit in the EXP trunkbag, so I am considering this DXP version. I have been unable to find the dimensions to the DXP, any chance you can share the pannier size for me?


John Yonkers said...

Hey, I am totally sorry that I have not gotten back to you sooner. The dimensions of the pannier is 12.5" wide, 15.25 high, and the diagonal measure is roughly 17.25. I hope this helps. Mind you, I have a 13" laptop and I put it in a padded sleeve while en route and with the sleeve it is a snug fit. The sleeve is for a 15.4" computer, so my best guess is that a 15.4" laptop would be the biggest that would fit in the DXP.

Hope this helps.