Monday, June 13, 2011

The rain never kills a quality hike.

As you all know you can plan the perfect trip with all of the right stops and scenic overlooks, however one thing that you have no control over is the mood of Mother Nature.

We had been hiding in the shade and sitting in front of fans for two weeks trying to beat the heat that South East Michigan was dishing out when we planned our three day getaway to our hometown of Onekama Michigan. With current trends in the weather we thought that we would have the perfect day at the beach followed by a family gathering round the perfect beach bonfire.

Mother Nature, however had other plans. When we got out of the car at my mother's house I noticed that the temp had already fallen significantly and I could feel the cool breeze the comes from the big lake before all Summer rains.

Sure enough when we awoke in the morning the dusty ground was pocked with dimples, evidence of a good morning soaking.

Regardless of the weather Chelsea still wanted to steal away to one of our new favorite hiking spots; Old Baldy.

The rain subsided and actually quit altogether until we were midway through the hike. However the thick canopy that shields the trail afforded us a dry path to the dune-top overlook.

Chelsea with a Rain be Damned smile!

The thick forest and the lush ferns dampen any outside noise, it is great.

We were lucky enough to find a tree that had been struck by lightening. One of the two trunks was completely destroyed. The charred splinters are said to bring good luck so we picked a few up.

A foggy afternoon, all alone.

At the end of the trail I decided to lose the shoes for the return trip, paying homage to one of my new heroes: Cody Lundin of Dual Survival. Barefoot hiking/ living is not at easy as it looks, but it didn't kill me either!

Our mini basecamp for an hour or so. We had some coffee and tea and enjoyed the view of the lake, the oncoming storm and the gulls as they flew well below.

Cheers to an awesome place! Note the Outpost mug! If you need any gear while in the Manistee area you should check them out.

If I could have a desk right here my production level would be through the roof along with my moral!

A little caterpillar that we noticed on our way back.

Until next time old friend.

Proof of my barefoot trek back!

This will go down in the books as yet another relaxing afternoon trip to that high bluff overlooking the big lake. Though it was rainy the hike did not suffer one bit.

Thank you Michigan for your endless bounty.


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Sharkbytes said...

Great hike. I need to get up there and check it out. I was exploring a brand new to me place in Oceana County between showers.