Monday, June 6, 2011

New Vehicle

I have upgraded my whips! Gone are the days of commuting to school and town on my dual suspension mtn bike (it has served me well) and the days of a quick easy commute by way of hybrid have come.

The dual suspension will be put to pasture, reserved for days of ruckus and tight single track, never again to be forced to endure the mundane jaunts to and fro school.

Ha, what I am trying to say is that I picked up the Schwinn Trailway on Friday evening.

Though I have only put about 25 miles on it this weekend, they have all been pretty sweet.

Though this is not a review I do have a few high and low points already:

  • Highs: 
    • Hardtail: no more losing mechanical advantage due to the inevitable bobbing of rear suspension.
    • Shifting: ease in the Shimano rapid-fire shifters.
    • Speed: the hybrid tires are great, so far they have been great on the roads and have even performed pretty well on some hard-packed dirt trails.
  • Lows:
    • Saddle: the stock saddle must be replaced ASAP. This one feels like it is shifting left and right with my legs, and makes me feel unsteady.
    • Pedals: being a stock commuter the pedals are not as aggressive as I would like them. They are flat and do not offer much tread. I will replace them by the end of the summer.
All in all; a really nice bike so far. The best part is that the handlebars are positioned so that the rider does not have to hunch over, this gives my scoliosis a welcomed ride.

The rack and trunk are supposedly out for delivery as I write. So look for shots of them and a fully assembled blog in the coming week(s).


PS- it is smart commute week, please tell me how you are commuting smartly! I would love to hear!

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