Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daily Inspiration!

Man, in the midst of all of this studying, do I need inspiration today! This inspiration comes from C. Bromley.

This shot is of me, in one of my favorite places, Old Baldy. Doing what I love to do. I cannot wait until I can do this again. When my time to myself does not consist of making coffee, and posting quick blogs on here. Maybe second semester will be much easier, hopefully I will have time management and book briefing down pat. Hopefully I will get to make a trip up North.

And another:
Woohoo on the water!

Wait, scratch that! This is inspiration right? Well then, yes, yes it will be easier, Yes I will have the hang of it, and yes We will be taking more weekend trips Up North, why? For a few reasons: 1 no more wasted nights on intro class. 2 hopefully 3 days of class per week, and 3 a mastery of time management for law school!

Inspired indeed! This spring/ summer will be the best ever! We are going to kick butt!

Scratch that too! Today will be the best ever. I am going to smash this Contract law midterm right outta the park! And tomorrow, Crim, I have your number too! And this weekend, I am going to take on Adverse Possession with a vengeance.

So here is to today!

I hope yours is a little brighter after reading this post!




Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Which Old Baldy is that one? Best of luck with the exams!

miadventure said...

That picture was taken at the Old Baldy north of Arcadia. There is a great trail leading up to it, and dunes to Lake Michigan. It is just a wonderful place. Thanks for the luck!