Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a Saturday!

So, we thought that our blizzard was on Wednesday right? Wrong! We had our own mini blizzard today!

There was heavy, wet snow, drifts, blowing snow and whiteout conditions:

Look at this lonely, abandoned bike... I feel bad, somewhere out there exists a person who would put it to good use this winter.What a shame.

We left the house just before this storm really began, and let me tell you, when it started, the people all stopped. Our trip was not a waste though. We used some Kohl's cash, and hit up the local REI.

I snagged a sweet flannel at Kohl's and these bad boys at REI:

These are the top part to the REI Sahara convertible pants. However, somehow a patron received them with no bottom parts and brought them back. Their loss is my gain! I picked up these 45 dollar duds for 6 bucks at the REI yardsale! Oh yes it pays to be a member! I also gained some knowledge as to what I need to get hooked up with my new skiis! 3-Prong boots. So I am on the lookout.

I hope you all are enjoying you weekend. I am studying for some Midterms but tomorrow we are taking a quick break; not for the superbowl, but for some morning snowshoeing! Expect pics.


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Sharkbytes said...

Yesterday was a darn-near-perfect winter day here. Ellen and I had a great snowshoe adventure.