Wednesday, February 2, 2011

...Well that was a let down.

I am very grateful that we do not have school today, however in the land of limited snowdays one must not waste them on the frivolous threats of fear mongering weathermen!

I understand that the storm was very bad in parts of the country, and that adequate warnings for those places is necessary, but to put the whole map into a panicky and frenzied state is a bit of a waste.

The nighttime did not bring this area the dumping of the century, as was foretasted, however we did get some snow:
Are you kidding me? Where I come from this little amount would be a blessing, not a cause for catastrophe!

Calvin looks at the petty amount of snow with disdain.

Sunny the dog was hoping for a little more snow too... maybe next time!

The snow is still falling, albeit at a much slower, prettier rate now. Continue to check in to see how the conditions are advancing. 

Personally I am hoping for some more snow.

Fingers crossed I head back to the contracts book.


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