Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You call this a storm!

I say bring it Mother-Nature!

I am not phased by the minuscule amount of snow we have received thus far.

I really hope that when we awake in the morning there is a load of snow and that we can strap on the shoes and clomp to the park!

As for now, I will give you a little weather report:

The snow is falling at what I would call a very moderate rate, so far this "storm" is lacking in umph. Approximately 2.5 new inches, a light dusting has fallen.

This makes me feel like:
(Whoa, crazy Eyes time)

Where is this storm MAN? Weatherman that is. I have heard big things about it, and it is all a lot of hot air so far! Really hoping I am wrong.

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1 comment:

Lizz said...

We are absolutely buried in ice. I'd take FEET of snow over our 3 inch coating of ice. Ugh!