Sunday, February 27, 2011

Go anywhere, do anything

In this series of Go to Gear I would like to discuss a piece that is totally essential to anyone, regardless of the amount of time you choose to spend outside: the softshell.

I have chosen The North Face's Apex Bionic Jacket.

There are a few simple reasons why this is the best jacket out there.

1. Price: this jacket can be found online for around $130, however you can often find it at outdoor shops on sale. The price cannot be beat!

2. Features: we are talking waterproof, totally windproof and proper fitting for layering. The side pockets are very roomy and the chest pocket offers ample space for a phone or an Mp3 player. The fabric of the jacket is a unique stretch material that leaves the wearer ample space for the movements required for multiple activities.

One surprising features of this thing is the breath-ability. It keeps you warm and dry without making your body feel stale with stagnant air trapped in!

3. Style:

This jacket is perfect for someone who is just getting into the outdoors, a student commuting to class, bike messengers, mall goers, hikers, campers, hip business people, or anyone who wants to arrive in style while being protected from the elements.

I have had my Apex Bionic for four years now and it has seen all sorts of weather; vicious Michigan winters, torrent downpours, gale-force winds and everything in between.

I urge you to pick one up ASAP!


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Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I haven't found anything yet that was really breathable. They all make me sweat.