Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Competition time!

So Random Stream is branching out, out in the direction of lifestyle, as in we will be starting a second blog that will deal with things for the outdoor enthusiast that go beyond the trail/tent/kayak/bike/traveling/beer drinking/coffee addiction.

You know?

However, we have a huge challenge, and that is where you come in, the name, for the life of me I cannot come to a suitable name for this venture. The perfect name will combine outdoors and lifestyles, without manure, hmm I have been mulling this over in my head, which is apparently empty at the moment,  and I thought, what better way to give the people what they want than to let them pick it!

So here we go, the first RSOC contest: name the next blog!

No bears please! (ok bears are welcome, it was just a formality, makes the campers feel better you know?)

Question; what do you get for your hard work?

Answer: if you are the winner you will receive a super sweet outdoor sticker from the grab bag! Stick in on your waterbottle, car, board, neighbor's window, it doesn't matter, what matters is that it will show that you were the winner!

So comment your ideas, or email them to yonkerj3@gmail.com with the subject supercoolnameyo!

tell your friends, or take their ideas for your own!

a thousand thanks!


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