Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RSOC Featured Athlete Profile: Chris Vallier

Chris, chillin' as always, in the hotel after his team's finish!

Hey Chris first off, Happy Birthday from Random Stream! 21, now that is a major accomplishment worth celebrating, please do so safely.

Awesome to hear about your sixth place team finish! That is quite the accomplishment. I hope that you are ready for this slew of questions! Ok 21 questions, do 'em up!

A. What is the official name of the Urbanathlon?
-Men's Health Urbanathlon

B. Please explain, in your words, what this thing is made of:
-It is a nine mile race with six different obstacles throughout the course.http://www.menshealthurbanathlon.com/

[ok so those first two did not really count. :) ]

1. How large was your team?
-Our team was three people for three different legs of the race. 1st leg - Jesse Robbins. 2nd leg - Chris Vallier. 3rd leg - Carlvin Dorvilier.
1.a. How many teams were there?
- Their were 744 teams and around 12,000 - 15,000 total people.

2. How was the team divided? Was it by event?

-1st leg = 3.75 miles and 2 obstacles. Jesse Robbins. 2nd leg = 3.00 miles and 2 obstacle. Chris Vallier. 3rd leg = 2.25 miles and 2 obstacles. Carlvin Dorvilier. 

3. If so, what was your event?
- I ran the second leg which was 3 miles and my first obstacle was I had to jump/climb over four rows of cars and then climb over Navy barriers which were about 5 and a half foot tall. My second obstacle was army crawling under a net for about 15 yards, completing 12 monkey bars and then army crawling under a net for another 15 yards. Then I switched off to Carlvin.

4. What made you want to do this?
-I was reading Men's Health magazine one day and came over an advertisement for the event. I thought it looked pretty fun and it might be something I would be interested in doing. Then I told Carlvin about it, and he is the one who really pushed me to find someone else and sign up. So that's what I did. 

5. Did you listen to any music during the event/ what kind?
- Ipods and mp3 players were not allowed during the race. You would of been disqualified if you used one.

6. What was your training regiment in preparation?
-Mondays - I would work out at the rec, and usually work my arms. then go for a hard three mile run. Tuesdays, Wed, and TR - I would go downtown Big Rapids to a gym called "Liberty fitness" -http://www.libertyfitrx.com/Store/Default.aspx - They specialize in cross-fit training. I would work with a trainer. They would have me do kettlebells, sandbags, slosh tubes, bridges, sprints, etc.. Then I would go to my MMA class from 7-9. Fridays I would go to Liberty's and then do a hard three mile run. 
Sat - I would do the "ab ripper X" workout then a hard three mile run. Sundays - Rest, maybe a real light one or two mile run.

7. Race day attire/ equipment?
- I wore a pair of "Nike air" running shoes. Athletic shorts and a shirt that says "I boobs" for breast cancer awareness month. 

8. Favorite number today?
- My favorite number is 16.

9. How was Chicago?
-Chicago was awesome, we stayed in a suburb called Orland Park. We went downtown to check out the "night life" on saturday, but I wasn't 21 at the time so we couldn't go into any clubs or anything. We had some delicious Giardanos pizza though... mmm!

10. How do you balance training for something like this with a full time university job and classes?
-Time management is very key! I'd wake up at 8am everyday. Eat 6 small meals a day. go to classes. Do homework while I was at work (some people have the advantage of this). workout in the afternoon (after 5pm everyday). then hit the sack by midnight. 

11. What are some of your hobbies?
- I love to longboard! I longboard all over campus! I skimboard in the summertime when the weather is nice. I love playing Ukulele, it keeps me sane. Same with working out. I love to run, I do it for fun! I like to travel as well. I've been to Barcelona, Amsterdam, Jamaica, The Caymen Islands, Mexico City, Rio Nexpa... and many more. 

12. What should the ladies know about Chris?
-The ladies should know that I am single for now.... That's it. If they want to know more, they can ask!

13. Paperback or hardcover?

14. How is the Uke playing coming along?
-I actually got a new microphone for my birthday (which is today) from my brother so hopefully my recordings will sound better! I've written a couple new songs that I'll probably be posting soon.

15. Got any upcoming plans or competitions?
- I plan on fighting again next semester... Maybe this semester if a promoter comes to Big Rapids.

16. If you had to be an animal, domestic or wild, what would you be?
-A hawk, because I could fly anywhere I wanted and I would rule the skies! 

17. Favorite book?
- My favorite book is the new Drew Brees book. "Coming Back Stronger." Highly recommend it!

18. What is your inspiration for all that you do?
- To make people happy! When I make others happy, it makes me happy! 

19. How did you hear about the Urbanathalon?
-Men's Health Magazine

20. Do you take any supplements?
- I take Whey protein before my lifting workouts and Liberty's and then I take Jack3d before running and MMA workouts.

21. Any words of wisdom for someone thinking/ training for an event like this one?
- Don't give up! When you start to hurt, Focus on the pain and plow right through it! When you push yourself beyond what you think you are capable of, that is when you become a stronger person... mentally and physically! 

Congrats again on this major accomplishment, hopefully it is the first of many wins and medals!

Take care,


Thanks John boy! I miss having you around man! You my brotha! Talk to you soon

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