Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 6: the trip home begins

Well, it has been a great trip, but it had to come to an end sometime.

Last night the driving rain kept us from enjoying large steaks over a booming blaze, but never fear. Thanks to Jet-Boil we ate hash and veggie beef soup in the tent:

Take that mother nature! We came prepared.

The pounding rain on the tent was refreshing to listen to, however, as the cadence of rain has the tendency to it quickly knocked me out. Luckily I woke up a few times during the night and was still able to hear it. Sleeping in a tent, with rain, a stone's throw from the ocean = pretty cool!

-This morning was soggy, and the sky still showed signs of sprinkles. We packed our sopping gear haphazardly into the bed of the truck and headed toward mini laundromat across from the campground.

It was a combo pay as you go shower/ laundromat and it was our savior! For a few quarters we had dry shoes, pants, sleeping bags and clothing. It is so funny how comforting the simplest of things can be when you are without them.

We took the park loop before leaving Mount Desert Island. It was pretty cool. Next time I go here I will definitely be taking the ole two-wheeler around the carriage roads as I have heard many cool things about them!

We began our trip home in the direction of Portland where there was supposed to be an L.L. Bean. Unfortunately when we got there it was nonexistent, so we trekked on.

Go west my son, the west of Michigan now that's where it is at. We took that advice and put the pedal to the floor, well not really to the floor as much of New England has a ridiculous speed limit of 55 mph, even on the freeways. Regardless we were going west, at a slow steady pace.

Our trip took us as far West as Jaffrey New Hampshire Today. We shall see how the camping scene is around here!

Wish us luck,


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