Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Gooooooo morning!

The skies are gray and it is set to be a beautifully dreary fall day, complete with a great thunderstorm. We are talking 65+ mph winds! The gales of November have surely come early this year, yes they have.

This storm means a few things:
1. I will most likely only work until 11 today.
2. this will give me a great deal of time to exercise.
3. it will also give me a great deal of time to test out the Front Point
4. I may also get a chance to check out further weatherproofing on my Stylus Tough, I know, it is about time.

I will also be working on the RSOC Facebook page; http://www.facebook.com/pages/Random-Stream-Of-Consciousness/144779595538271 for some extra spice, you know, gonna upload some pics and the such. 

"look at all that nothingness... AWESOME!" -j
(photo= courtesy C. Bromley, click on the blue linkey thing, you will be rewarded!)

Well, that is the news for now. I would really like to get outside and hike, or, snowshoe, or kayak, or something outside, hmmmmm better put the thinking cap on. 

Cross your fingers for me not having a tree blown on me today!


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