Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 3: Monday in Vermont and nothing happening

Started the day off with a great view of Blue Mountain across Lake Durant:

Last night we did a little looking at the stars through the clear skies. It was very cool. Much to Tim’s dismay we did not see any UFO’s.

Our trip to Vermont began with a little early morning rock climbing in Indian Lake!

Left the Adirondack’s and headed for Ticonderoga. The bridge was under construction so we got to take a ferry across Lake Champlain:

Vermont has not been the most exciting of states, it is hilly and full of farm lands, which are both very pretty. However we have not seen much state land to trek on, nor are there many places to snap a good photo. We did find a place where the floods of the last few weeks made a real mess though!

One thing that state has is a lot of churches.
Today we are heading to Maine, the coast I believe, where Tim wants to munch on lobsters and look, again, for bears.

Wish us luck!

Miss you.


A little parting shot for Chelsea, your dream come true: