Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 1: Great Success

Hello all at home and abroad.

Sitting at the McDonald's in Lockport, NY, a little soggy but excited for the day ahead of us.

Yesterday brought us through Ohio, Pennsylvania and Niagra.

Days and trips that start out like this are the best! Look for new stuff from C. Bromley soon!

Ohio, oh how I do not miss things like this.

Pennsylvania, the bit that we went through was nothing to write home about, yet I still am...

Oh well,

We entered New York's Wine country, bypassing the toll road takes you through the vineyards and small towns. Very pretty, however it reminded me of the northern Michigan wine country of Traverse City and Leelanau.

We made it to Niagra, which is a very unique place. A very beautiful natural place, that is nearly ruined by the commercialism of both Canadians and Americans. Nevertheless, it was a very cool experience.

So far I do!

Reminds me of the Upper!

Tim, of the Hart motel out in the river at Niagra falls! See the mist? We are literally 200 ft from Horeshoe falls.

Loving me some Falls, Canadian powerhouse in the background. Horseshoe Falls are a happening where you see the mist!

Well there it is, Niagra in the foreground and Horseshoe in the back. Very pretty even at dusk.

Camping last night brought literal gale force winds and light rain. I slept in TNF Denali and let me tell you, I sweat my butt off!

Today we plan on hiking some of the Adirondacks!  Remember these are only travel blogs, so they are going to be short, expect a full trip recap upon our return!

I hope you are all enjoying yourselves. Stay warm and safe!



C. Bromley said...

Looks like you're having fun! But gah! What a horrible picture of me, goodness. Anyway, excited to see pictures of your hiking trip(s)!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Take the Thruway? You'll be 30 miles from my old stomping grounds as you go by Geneva and Waterloo.