Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 2: Adventure at last

Woke up on the shores of Lake Ontario with gale force winds.

Upon further examination of the map we decided to point our compass toward the Adirondacks.

The trip was slow as most of New York seems to be one sprawling small town.

As we began to climb into the Adirondacks the rocks that we had been hoping for appeared before our eyes. Before we knew it we went from the edge of a cliff to the base of a rocky face. Before we set up camp we spotted a small trailhead for Bald Mountain and the Rondaxe Firetower.

 The view from the top was incredible:

We found a cool state park at Lake Durant with Blue Mountain in the back ground.

Tim took a tool around in the kayak to see the sights.

Today was a lot of travelings and climbing that Mountain, so we feasted accordingly on turkey gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, steak and roasted pork loin. My thanks to chef Tim!

Hope you are all well. This McDonald's has terrible WiFi. Hopefully Maine has better spots.


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