Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 5: Acadia

Today was our day at Acadia.

It started off with a bike ride from our campsite at Bass Harbor to the Bass Harbor Lighthouse:

This picturesque spot afforded us multiple opportunities to climb rocky cliffs that hung over the Atlantic below:

We were under the watchful eye of a harbor seal that kept eluding my camera! His head was the size of a person, it was very cool.

This lobster trap is the handiwork of last week’s terrible storm:

You can see how far the waves had to be coming to put this up here, nature; incredible.

After picking up camp we set out to find Blackwoods State Park on the Eastern shore of Mount Desert Island.

We set up camp and headed out to see the sights. On our way to Bar Harbor we saw a group of cars pulled to the side of the road at the base of a mountain. I got out of the car and thought that we would be able to snap a few quick shots of the mountain from its base. Boy was I wrong. We stood at the foot of Mount Dorr. 1,270 ft of rock:

The trail said that the summit was only 1 mile away so we thought we would make short work of it. This proved to be much more than we thought it would be:

The views were great along the way, which made up for the tall steps:

And the summit was way worth the hike.

To the south you see Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the Island, due to what appeared to be approaching poor weather we decided to head back down.

After the summit we went downtown Bar Harbor. A quaint little tourist shop filled with all of the knickknack, t-shirts, Harley, shot glass and Main wear that one would ever want. It reminded me of Mackinac Island to be true. A little over touristy, but a cool little place nonetheless.

I found Chelsea her special present so she should be most excited.

On the way back to the campground it began to pour so we took a detour to fill up some water bottles with ocean water, I lucked out and found a few little shells to stick in mine so it looks like a miniature aquarium.

Finished the day off with a rain-soaked from our campsite to the coast, I think that it was worth it for sure:

Hope the rain lets up enough for us to make a little dinner or else we are going to bed, wet and hungry!
Tomorrow starts the journey home, it has been a good time.



amy grant said...

Looks like an awesome adventure!!! Beautiful pictures have a great rest of your trip!

Ash, The Movie Geek said...

The first picture and the last two are gorgeous:)

miadventure said...

thank you very much!