Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 7: The long haul

Last night was interesting to say the least!

We ended up at the Monadnock State Campground and quickly set up camp:

We found Monadnock, perched atop a small mountain, to be a very serene camping spot. In the morning we realized why it seemed so serene; we were literally the only people in the park, the host had even abandoned their site.

The park offered great facilities including super hot showers and laundry. They were coin op which was a bummer, but at least they were nice.

Nightfall came quickly as we found it has a tendency to do in the mountains. Again I was treated to a feast by Sir Timmy. Steak, turkey gravy, toasted bread, and all of the trimmings that one has grown to expect at a meal with this guy.

The wind was very turbulent when we decided to lay down for the night, so we were a little leery of leaving the fire burning, however since the area had been doused with rain an hour or so before we decided to sleep with the door open to watch over the fire. It was not long before a super creepy ranger rick showed and told us we had to put the fire out. So we did...

It was very odd to sleep at the top of this small mountain because the weather pattern was so violently different; 40 mph wind, followed by dead silence, then 5 minutes later, more powerful wind and then another calm. This pattern was repeated all night and made for some pretty good sleep.

I awoke from a deep sleep to hear a camper's nightmare sounds; the things in the bed of the truck were being moved about, violently. Fearing the worst I woke Tim from his dreams of monsters and prowlers to join me in getting to the bottom of the noises. We donned our headlamps and put our shoes on so we were ready to run like scared little kids. As we exited the tent a few small somethings scuttled away from the truck and we had saved the day!

Pretty sure it was a small group of coons.

We packed and showered this morning with great efficiency, as we have been doing this a while now.

Breakfast was at the cutest little 1950's style diner:

The pancakes were very good, but be warned, in Vermont, if you are given the choice for real maple syrup, you will be charged extra for it! haha classic, they caught me.

Our plan for the day is to travel about 750 miles to Ann Arbor. I think it is most definitely doable!

It will be long, but also long awaited.

So we set out, two guys looking for adventure now returning:

Catch you on the flip side,


PS the wrap up is coming tonight, time for work now!

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