Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 4: Tuesday: Destination Mount Desert Island Maine

Day 4: Tuesday: Destination Mount Desert Island Maine

Thankfully I survived the night in bear country! I am not talking about small signs that say there might be a few bears around a 50 mile radius, I mean like this:

Bears are here, and they will eat your stuff, even your toothpaste! When they are done they will feast on you.
‘Nuff said of the bears. Stayed in Sugarloaf national park campground. Woke up and took a hike to the stream behind our site.

Tim and I decided that we were going to hop the rocks to the other side which turned out to be a foolish idea as the rocks were just far enough apart that it was too risky to make it. However, I was determined to at least give it a good attempt. My best was not enough in this case, I ended up taking a quick morning dip in the crisp mountain stream. Oh well. I guess 900 miles was enough for those socks!

Today we headed through the rest of New Hampshire and into Maine, with a final destination somewhere on Mount Desert Island and Acadia Park.

The terrain in Maine is not too much different from that of home; it has rolling hills, a few farms, as well as a good mix of deciduous and coniferous trees.

We made it to Mount Desert Island early, by our standards, and began the hunt for some genuine, fresh caught Maine Lobster. We walked to the dock where a portly fisherman with a tobacco filled lip greeted us and sold us four of the largest lobsters I have ever seen.

 The price was great and we tied them in the back of the truck.

We set up camp at the private campground at Bass Harbor. It felt really odd to set up in the daylight. With the tent up and the table set we began to boil the clams and lobster. Honestly we ate way too much and should have only gotten two lobster, live and learn.  Dinner was great fun as we smashed the lobster on the table with the hatchet! Hopefully we will be able to burn some of this off tomorrow in Acadia, I have heard that it has awesome trails.

I slept like a log knowing that we were free of bears and the like!

Time to discover some of Acadia.


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Ash, The Movie Geek said...

Whoa, looks like one giant-ass lobster!

Glad you had fun.